Counseling Services

College is about finding yourself.

We are here so you don’t get lost.

College is an exciting time filled with opportunities, changes, and challenges. However, there is also the inevitable stress of college life. At Health Counseling and Student Wellness (HCSW) we work to support you to learn about yourself, set your goals, and take charge of your future.

Our counseling staff is experienced in treating a wide variety of concerns. Some common problems that prompt students to seek counseling services include:

  • Previously diagnosed psychological disorders requiring ongoing therapy
  • Difficulties adjusting to college life
  • Stress or anxiety that interferes with school or work performance
  • Relationship problems
  • Episodes of moodiness or depression
  • Issues of grief or loss
  • Victimization due to date rape, sexual abuse or physical abuse
  • Concerns regarding sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Traumatic life events
  • Family conflicts
  • Concerns about close friends or family
  • Substance use/abuse

At HCSW we realize that these and other stressors can often prevent student from reaching their full potential. To help students overcome obstacles and increase overall wellbeing HCSW offers a variety of confidential services including: 


State laws and professional standards require that we maintain a record of your treatment. Your treatment and your treatment records are confidential and are considered separate from educational or employment records maintained by the university.   Your written consent is required to disclose treatment information beyond disclosure to the treatment team.  Treatment records contain information that can be misunderstood by non-mental health professionals. Therefore, it is our preference to discuss these records with you in person, or to have them sent to a designated mental health professional.

Exceptions to confidentiality that are legally mandated include:

  • Situations involving risk of imminent harm to yourself or specifically identified other(s)
  • Suspected child/adult abuse or neglect, or domestic violence.
  • When parental consent is required to provide services to a minor student (under 18),
  • Records ordered by a court of law.